I put on my $DAYJOB CTO hat for Midas Green Tech and facilitated a conference call with Sean McLaughlin, the Chief of Staff for the Judiciary Committee, and executives from CoreNAP and DataFoundry today.

Sad to say, it’s not dead yet.  The “Internet experts hearing” that the Oversight committee was planning has apparently been canceled, so that’s a loud voice in opposition that the House probably won’t get to hear.


The requirements to force ISPs to edit DNS results are apparently out, so that’s good.

Search engines will still be required to block results.

Visa and Mastercard will still be required to stop the financial flows.

Supposedly your hosting company won’t be required to look over your shoulder to see what’s going on on your site, but some legal eagles have noted that the only way for a hosting company to avoid penalty will probably be to….Look over your shoulder.

Now, to be fair, Sean did keep pounding on the point that “this applies only to foreign web sites.”  My problem is what’s really “foreign” in these days of the Internet / World Wide Web / globalization?

The next big event is the cloture vote on the 24th in the Senate.  For more info on that see