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SOPA not stopped

I put on my $DAYJOB CTO hat for Midas Green Tech and facilitated a conference call with Sean McLaughlin, the Chief of Staff for the Judiciary Committee, and executives from CoreNAP and DataFoundry today. Sad to say, it’s...

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Not a war on computing

Former EFF-Austin Director Cory Doctorow thinks that there’s a war on general purpose computing. Transcript at But it’s not as bad as all that....

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How the ‘net is put together

Ever wondered how these IntarTubes work to to build up the IntarWebzNet thingy? Next time you run into someone who thinks of the Internet like that, you might want to point them to this video produced by TheEuroIX.  It’s...

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Oral History of EFF-Austin

Joel Greenberg recorded an oral history with EFF-Austin early board members John Quarterman, Ed Cavazos, and Jon Lebkowsky. Link

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