Daniel G. Benes is the founder, science show presenter, and antique technology curator of Daniel G. Benes Science Shows. He has designed and taught numerous science-based shows, classes, camps, and curriculum for schools, academies, museums, and libraries around the state of Texas in the realm of science and technology, electronics, chemistry, aerospace, photography, audio production, antique science and technology, and outdoor wilderness survival skills. Daniel has worked in aerospace as a flight avionics technician and is a former two-time Austin radio show host and producer, and a People’s Choice Award-winning World/Orchestral music composer, and a former Texas Parks & Wildlife Award-winning published photographer, and is a member of W.A.T.T.; World Association of Technology Teachers. His science-based shows and events have been featured on television and in numerous magazine and newspaper articles, including Texas Monthly and The New York Times.

In honor of EFF’s work as guardians of civil liberties, freedoms, and internet privacy, Daniel will discuss the role of vintage and modern electronics and spy equipment in US space and spy missions and will bring some amazing, fully functional vintage electronics from his private collection to support his PowerPoint; including a working 1936 Siemens Brothers & Co. WWII Bakelite Military Field Telephone, a working 1950’s Tektronix 543A Vacuum Tube Oscilloscope, a pair of extremely rare 1960’s Cubic Corp full-duplex microwave communication and distance measuring transceivers, an incredible 1960’s Russian mainframe computer Ferrite ‘Core Memory’ unit, and a 1950’s analog Decade Resistance Box used in the Manhattan Project during the development of the very first atomic bomb. Daniel will have the units powered-up with the covers removed so people can actually see what’s inside of these beautiful pieces of technological history.”

Find out more about Daniel G. Benes at: http://www.facebook.com/scienceshows.tech


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