Jon Lebkowsky, Internet Dude

Jon Lebkowsky, Internet Dude

When: 7PM Wednesday, August 3, 2011
Where: Flying Saucer, 815 W 47th St at the Triangle.
(Come early for the SFC Farmer’s Market, nearby at the Triangle)

Jon Lebkowsky [ @jonl ], President of the EFF-Austin Board of Directors, will discuss the past and future of the Internet

Jon’s unique perspective across the history of the Internet gives him a unique vantage point on the future of our meta-medium.  He has been a willing participant in our future past; Jon was lasso-ing desperadoes on the Electronic Frontier at a time before many were even accessing the Network.  Back before everybody got here, Jon was already hanging out with interesting, smart people who saw the wide-open potential of the Network.

Having walked the stacks of FringeWare myself (even once having partaken of their Friday afternoon keg) I can say for certain that Jon has helped create Internet culture.

So, it’s pretty natural that folks should be curious what he has to say about the future.  I can say this presentation is an enjoyable ride: Jon navigates us through those futures past, ancestral media footprints on the genetic scaffolding of the Network.  If the previous EFF Austin meetings are any indication, the event will have a conversational tone; we can collectively fill in that history more completely with stories shared amongst participants at the meeting.  All while having an ice cold beer and maybe eating a burger or wrap.

Bring your comments and questions! See you Wednesday.

Jon Lebkowsky is an author, activist, journalist, and blogger who writes about the future of the Internet, digital culture, media, and society. He’s been associated with various projects and organizations, including FringeWare, Whole Earth, WorldChanging, Mondo 2000, bOING bOING, Factsheet Five, the WELL, the Austin Chronicle, EFF-Austin, Society of Participatory Medicine, Extreme Democracy, Digital Convergence Initiative, Plutopia Productions, Polycot Consulting, Social Web Strategies, Solar Austin, Well Aware, and Project VRM. He’s also a web strategist and developer via Polycot Associates. He writes about technology, media, and culture. More info at Wikipedia.