For a decade and a half, I’ve served as President of EFF-Austin – and I put in additional years as both Vice President and President in the 90s. It’s been a great ride: while I was president, we worked hard in support of digital freedom, worked with coalitions global and local in the interest of Internet freedom and privacy, held many public meetings and events, spent some time lobbying the Texas legislature via Save Muni Wireless and the Texas Electronic Privacy Coalition. We’ve accomplished a lot, and we’ll continue to do more – but I won’t be at the helm.

Last week I resigned as President of EFF-Austin, and the Board of Directors, while accepting my resignation, elected a new President, Kevin Welch. Kevin has been organizing, managing and leading EFF-Austin’s monthly meetups. I’m happy to place the leadership of EFF-Austin in his very capable hands. Kevin describes himself as “an idealistic dreamer and an omnivore of knowledge.” He brings a great renewed energy to the office of EFF-Austin President.

I’ll still serve on the EFF-Austin Board of Directors, and look forward to another great year of commitment to its mission in 2017.


~ Jon Lebkowsky