Mission Statement

EFF-Austin advocates establishment and protection of digital rights and defense of the wealth of digital information, innovation, and technology. We promote the right of all citizens to communicate and share information without unreasonable constraint. We also advocate the fundamental right to explore, tinker, create, and innovate along the frontier of emerging technologies.

About EFF-Austin

EFF-Austin is an independent nonprofit civil liberties organization concerned
with emerging frontiers where technology meets society. We are a group
of visionary technologists, legal professionals, academics, political
activists and concerned citizens who work to protect digital rights and
educate the public about emerging technologies and their implications.

Similar to our namesake, the national Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF),
“the dominion we defend is the vast wealth of digital information,
innovation, and technology that resides online.” The organization’s web site
is http://www.effaustin.org; email is info at effaustin.org.

EFF-Austin was originally formed in 1991 with the intention that it would become the first chapter of the national Electronic Frontier Foundation, however EFF decided not to become a chapters organization, and EFF-Austin became a separately-incorporated, independent nonprofit organization focusing on cyber liberties, digital rights, and emerging technologies.

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