Alex Shahrestani holds a JD from the University of Texas School of Law, with a background in computer science. His interest in technology and the law probably really began when he watched the Matrix, but further developed when – trying to decide on a college major – he recognized the potential of technology to disrupt legal precedent as well as the legal services industry. Alex’s philosophy is to leave the world a little bit more like the one he’d have liked to have for himself. To that end, he has served on several nonprofit boards, launched a startup, counseled startups on business strategies, worked for the state senate, founded the Journal of Law and Technology at Texas, assists SXSW with their legal education conference, performed well over a thousand hours of pro bono work, initiated several pro bono programs, automated legal work for the public benefit, and learned how to play guitar so no one would have to hear him sing instead. His focus with EFF Austin is on policy, education, and community building. Alex wears many hats, and his professional one can be found at