As anyone who has been keeping up with the news lately can tell you, there are a number of ways the American (and global) public is non-consensually forking over data to government surveillance agencies. While warrantless surveillance is an extremely important topic of discussion, we should also consider our responsibility to know what personal information we are willingly surrendering hundreds, if not thousands, of times per day. What rights are we abandoning simply by a blind click?

The documentary film Terms and Conditions May Apply addresses these instances of surrender embedded deep within the damn near impossible fine print of the terms of service contracts we “Accept” every day. Austin has a unique opportunity to view this film and participate in a live Q&A with the documentary’s director, Cullen Hoback, following the screening. The documentary explains how some of America’s most valued companies are in the business of selling your personal information, which they acquire with every app you download, e-mail you send, website you visit, phone call you make, page you “Like”, and search term you google.  These companies’ privacy policies serve not to protect, but to profit from, the information you share. The services they provide are free to use but at an immeasurable cost to our civil liberties.

The film will make you wonder: Is there any reasonable expectation of privacy on the internet anymore? Is it possible to collectively demand that our right to privacy be restored? Join us next week to discuss these questions and attempt to find out just how far down the digital rabbit hole goes.

The documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply will be showing on Thursday, September 19th at 7:00 PM at the Stateside Theater, 719 Congress, Austin. Watch the film’s official trailer. Tickets are available here.