Starting with this meetup we are going to begin a tradition of going out for drinks after the conclusion of our speaker’s talk. We will be at Firehouse Hostel and Lounge (605 Brazos Street) from 9PM-10PM. Come join us!


Our speaker this month will be Anne Boysen. Anne will be speaking about shifting generational attitudes to privacy in the digital age.

Earlier this year U.S. Congress nullified an FCC rule that would prevent Internet Service Providers from potentially selling your following private information to third parties:

• Social Security numbers
• Medical records
• Financial information
• Content of emails and other digital messages
• Internet browsing history
• App usage
• Location data

This move, while quite controversial, barely registered in the larger digital conversation. A Google search on “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunication Services” – the intended FCC rule – has 1,540 results. In comparison, a search on “Beyonce babies” yields 25,500 results. As a matter of fact, if you went to any tech conference during the same time that this law was eradicated, chances are that your keynote speaker may not even have heard of it. But their perception could be forgiven because in the mainstream mindset, privacy is dead and the next generation couldn’t care less anyway.

The only problem is, those who believe younger generations don’t care about privacy are dead wrong. And companies who get this wrong are less likely to succeed in the future. We are only now starting to see the beginning of a civilizing project where Generation Z and the generation coming after them are leading the charge of domesticating a wild digital west which is currently being hijacked by corporate interests.

After receiving her masters in Strategic Foresight 15 years ago Anne has spent most of her career studying generational change. She is currently pursuing her second graduate degree in Business Analytics and uses a combination of Strategic Foresight, Data Analytics and Social Science to understand the emerging zeitgeist of the post-millennial generation. Anne has consulted national and global organizations and has held several presentations on generational shifts in the USA and Europe. Her website is a major destination for post-millennial topics.


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