January Meetup: Lobbying for Location Privacy in Texas

January 2, 2015
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The Texas Electronic Privacy Coalition has fought to protect Texans’ digital privacy since 2013. Last session they successfully lobbied to protect emails with a search warrant. Now they’re back for more. This session, TxEPC is lobbying to protect your sensitive GPS and cell phone location data under a warrant too. Come learn about StingRays, tower […]

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Internet Code Ring (@jonl’s 1993 interview with Phil Zimmerman, creator of PGP)

December 15, 2014

Discovered that this interview is no longer findable online, so I’m republishing it here. A version of this was published in bOING bOING (the ‘zine) in 1993 or 1994. We were sitting in a circle on the floor at the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference, March ’93 in San Francisco, St. Jude and I with […]

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December Meetup: Surveillance Self-Defense Workshop

December 8, 2014
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Learn how to protect your privacy and defend your digital communications from government and corporate surveillance. This is a hands-on interactive workshop, so bring your phone and laptop! We’ll start with a short presentation introducing threat modeling, encryption, and the current array of free and open-source tools recommended by EFF. Then we’ll break up into small groups […]

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November Meetup Recap — Security and Privacy on the Internet of Things

November 25, 2014

Last Monday we welcomed three speakers from the Austin area to present on emerging security and privacy issues particular to the Internet of Things. You can watch the entire meetup here. You can view and download the presented slideshows here: How IoT Is Changing the Internet (Michael Hathaway / Diane Bernard) Privacy on the Series […]

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November Meetup: Security and Privacy on the Internet of Things

November 3, 2014

The Internet of Things continues to grow all around us. What challenges for security, privacy, and digital rights do IoT systems present? (Updated) Michael Hathaway and Diane Bernard will co-present a detailed introduction to IoT, including their current projects in the space and vision of its future. Following this, Veteran security researcher Todd Manning will present on IoT […]

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October Meetup Recap — Austin on the Electronic Frontier

October 23, 2014

At our meetup this past Monday, October 20th, Gregory Foster presented on the asymmetry in data flow between United States government entities and the public. Communities like MuckRock have arisen to streamline open records requests, but scaling and improving the data dialog remains difficult, and many agencies have become cautious about ‘Government 2.0’ efforts post-Snowden. How can we “Think […]

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ComputerCOP in Travis County

October 20, 2014

Here’s a video about the dangers of using ComputerCOP software, which has been distributed by hopefully unwitting law enforcement organizations: In 2011, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office distributed 5,000 copies of ComputerCOP with keylogger. Sources: EFF MyFoxAustin Television News KXAN Television News KLBJ Radio

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Watch: Meetup on Emerging Legal Structures in Virtual Worlds

September 30, 2014

Two weeks ago, Ed Cavazos led an interactive talk on the legal complexities and challenges around property, possession, and access in virtual worlds. You can watch the full video recording here thanks to our friends at Capital Factory. Ed’s talk begins immediately. Discussion goes from 0:19 to 1:44. Related Links: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1097392 http://www.lextechnologiae.com/2011/06/17/extending-real-world-laws-to-virtual-worlds-is-a-terrible-idea/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Player_versus_player#Player_killing http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/legal/wow_eula.html http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/eve-online-meet-man-controlling-18-million-space-economy-1447437 http://www.yikyakapp.com/

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September 15 Meetup: A Dialog About Emerging Legal Structures in Virtual Worlds

September 11, 2014

Time: Monday, September 15, 7pm-9pm Location: Capital Factory, 701 Brazos Street, Suite 1601, Austin, TX. Speaker: Ed Cavazos, Managing Partner, Bracewell & Giuliani RSVP Online video game environments, and, in particular, MMOs (massively multiplayer online games), simulate real-world interaction so well that interesting questions are arising about the application of law and social contracts in […]

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City approves Austin Fire Department drone study

September 4, 2014

Austin Fire Department eyes the skies… On August 7th, the Austin City Council approved a four-year study on the use of robotics by the Austin Fire Department. The draft Interlocal Agreement between the City and the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) was unanimously approved along with other items on the consent docket at the […]

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