EFF-Austin will be present for the latest meetup of the CTX World Future Society. Their speaker will be Mike Ignatowski and he will be discussing The Evolution of Cooperation.

The description of evolution as “survival of the fittest” says more about the social attitudes of 19th century England where it was coined than about the the actual trends in the development of life. In reality, the history of biology and society is a story of increasing degrees of cooperation at ever greater levels, and the reasons why are very interesting. This new way of looking at the world is key to understanding the long term future of human development. The presentation will provide a more optimistic view of future possibilities than one would get from just listening to the daily news. The meeting format will include a presentation followed by a spirited group discussion.

Mike Ignatowski has over 30 years of experience in the hi-tech industry and is currently a Sr. Fellow at AMD Research in Austin. Mike has given many lectures on emerging technology and social trends, and currently serves as the president of the Central Texas World Future Society.