EFF-Austin board member Andrew Donoho will be on a panel for the film The Trolls on Wednesday, October 5th at The Stateside Theater. If you want to learn more about Patent Trolls, this is an event you shouldn’t miss.

Register Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-austin-forum-presents-advance-screening-the-trolls-tickets-26954109467

What is a patent troll? How do they infringe on technology innovation? Can you protect your intellectual property (IP)? You’re invited to an advanced screening of THE TROLLS, written & directed by Austin filmmaker, Lex Lybrand (SUMMER LEAGUE, MEET ME THERE), starring Rob Gagnon (GOOD NIGHT, TX), Lisa Friedrich (MEET ME THERE), Pat Dean (VICE), and Katie Pengra (PRETTY AWFUL), and executive-produced by Cesari & Reed, LLP.

THE TROLLS chronicles a fictional Austin start-up taking on the patent troll industry. Fresh off of breaking Kickstarter’s fundraising record, they lose everything they’ve built to an East Texas troll.

Their revenge plot? It’s simple. They plan to troll the trolls.

Using a centuries-old legal loophole, the scrappy start-up obtains a patent for being a patent troll. This allows them to – you guessed it – troll the trolls.

Following the screening, learn more from the expert panel about the effects of patent trolls on technology businesses and inventors. Pat Dean, Actor, Kirk Cesari, IP attorney, and Andrew Donoho, of EFF-Austin, will share their thoughts on patent trolls — persons or companies who buy existing patents on the cheap from inventors and small companies instead of creating new products or ideas. Trolls profit by threatening and/or filing legal action unless the alleged infringer agrees to pay an expensive licensing fee. Learn how companies and inventors can protect their IP and their innovative ideas from these malicious practices.