April 10th Meetup – Using Texas Legislature Online (TLO) To Hack State Policy

Our speaker this month will be Chris McConnell, who will offer a skillshare on how to use the Texas Legislature Online system to hack state policy. Chris McConnell, Ph.D., is a policy researcher who has been involved with Open Austin since 2009. He has worked for organizations that include the House Research Organization at the Texas Legislature, the Telecommunication and Information Policy Institute at UT Austin, and the National Center for Women & Information Technology.


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March 11th – EFF-Austin Presents Cyberpunk 2017: Rushing To Meet Our Real Imagined Future!

The event is free, but register here for your free ticket to ensure your entry to the event and to receive your complimentary drink ticket. Those who come dressed in cyberpunk cosplay will receive an extra complimentary drink ticket. Keep checking this space as information on additional participants becomes available. Donate on Eventbrite to support our party and receive EFF-Austin swag and other VIP perks.

Our latest EFF-Austin event takes a cyberpunk perspective on 2017, exploring how our vision of the future has changed over the last forty years of science-fiction made real, and considering this year as a turning point in the way we live our lives and participate in our society, as well as our sense of personal autonomy.

Cyberpunk imagines a world where the average person’s autonomy and privacy is commoditized and exploited by the shadowy machinations of global forces beyond our comprehension. “Information wants to be free,” and when a person’s image, voice, and words all manifest as data, their personal identity is potentially free for the taking.

In a world where dead actors are resurrected as data objects in major motion picture blockbusters, where a billion people’s account data can be stolen by a few rogue hackers, where software can edit video to show a person doing and saying things they never actually did or said, where services are free because users are the product, where truth is secondary to narrative, how can we hope to ensure that privacy and the right to one’s data and representation remains a fundamental, enshrined, and preserved right?

Taking place at The Butterfly Bar/The Vortex on Saturday, March 11th from 5:00pm-1:00am, there will be free drinks for our supporters who register in advance as well as illuminating talks from a variety of speakers including Cory Doctorow, Bruce Sterling, Neil Harbisson, Moon Ribas, Jon Lebkowksy, Rich MacKinnon, David DeMaris, Todd Manning, Jonathan Morgan, Wendy Nather, Kevin Bankston, and Owen McNally. There will also be cutting-edge electronic music from Michael Garfield, Electronic Planet Ensemble, UBA, Missions, Erich Ragsdale, and others, 8-bit LED video games, representatives from private communications non-profit The Operator Foundation, antique WWII-era spygear, projections, an interactive generative music station, cyberpunk cosplayers, lockpicking, and much more!

Your donations will help make this awesome event even more awesome, and allow us to keep doing our vital educational and advocacy work in the years to come.

We hope to see you all soon!

This event is sponsored by Pillsbury Law, Whurley, Chilligence, Duo Security, Polycot Associates, the EFF-Austin board and advisors, and supporters like you.

Event schedule below:

Event schedule below:

6:00pm – Owen McNally
6:40pm – Wendy Nather
7:00pm – Jon Lebkowsky
8:00pm – Cory Doctorow
8:30pm – Neil Harbisson, Moon Ribas, and Rich MacKinnon
9:00pm – Jonathan Morgan
9:20pm – Bruce Sterling
10:00pm – Todd Manning
10:45pm – Kevin Bankston
11:00pm – David DeMaris

8:00pm – Electronic Planet Ensemble
9:15pm – Neil Harbisson and Moon Rivas
10:00pm – Missions
11:00pm – Michael Garfield
12:00am – UBA

DJing from Erich Ragsdale in the bar


EFF-Austin Presents Cyberpunk 2017!

Saturday, Mar 11, 2017, 5:00 PM

The Vortex
2307 Manor Rd. Austin, TX

33 Activists Attending

EFF-Austin presents Cyberpunk2017: Rushing To Meet Our Real Imagined Future!The event is free, but register here for your free ticket to ensure your entry to the event and to receive your complementary drink ticket: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eff-austin-presents-cyberpunk-2017-tickets-31555179391. Those who come dressed in cyberpunk cosplay will…

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February 23rd – EFF-Austin Hosts an Outing to Co-Lab Projects’ textscape

EFF-Austin is hosting an outing to take in Co-Lab Project’s latest artistic installation, textscape, by Susan Scafati and Sean Ripple, on Thursday, February 23rd, from 7:00pm-9:00pm. We will have the gallery space to ourselves with libations, and the artists will be in attendance to answer questions about their work.

“textscape” is a meditation on constructed worlds, communication and connection through the gesture of text messaging. Combining old and new photographic processes, Scafati creates a multitude of iterations of the ubiquitous smartphone textbox, extensively layering and enlarging its form from its familiar handheld 1-2 inch size to up to 7-feet. This play on scale shifts its physical relationship to the human form and suggests a metaphor for a greater psychological impact on human experience.

Scafati’s artwork takes the form of large-scale archival pigment scrolls comprised of multi-layered cyanotypes and photograms, site-specific acrylic installations, a high-grade mesh banner, jumpsuits, and photocopies. As part of this project, Scafati commissioned the artist Sean Ripple to create his own original interactive, performance-based works that engage some of the exhibition objects — activating their life beyond the gallery space and further drawing metaphors about public and private, presence and absence, and real and virtual.

Contact Sean Ripple at 512-699-8168 to discuss his artworks for the exhibition.

Susan Scafati is an American contemporary artist whose abstract, conceptual artwork of the past decade has been focused on the ways in which individual versus collective identities, personal versus cultural mythologies, are constructed. Subjects that have provided a framework for these interests include personal archives, domestic spaces, bullfights, nuns, robot competitions, football, fishermen, and ant colonies. Across these bodies of work, she contemplates the iconography and materiality that contribute to the way meaning is organized and its impact on human experience. She has created her artwork abroad in Italy, France, China, Japan, and Australia, as well as in the United States.

Sean Ripple is a content provider, exhibitor, and curator based in Austin, TX. He has exhibited in Austin almost exclusively since 2003 and relies heavily on social media and the Internet to create intuitive, highly impulsive, and discursive works which are modest in scale. Ripple seeks to merely suggest what it is that he wants to convey to an audience, similar to how an impressionist might represent a cathedral as a ghostly figment of their own perception. The texts he uses to help identify the conceptual underpinnings of his artworks are often densely awkward and burdensome. He believes his approach to be one in which a deep sense of confusion in an age of rapid, technologically-induced destabilization across all sectors and aspects of culture is given a dedicated voice.

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.


EFF-Austin Hosts an Outing to Co-Lab Projects’ textscape

Thursday, Feb 23, 2017, 7:00 PM

Co-Lab Projects’ DEMO GALLERY @ The Avenue
721 Congress Ave Austin, TX

18 Activists Went

EFF-Austin is hosting an outing to take in Co-Lab Project’s latest artistic installation, textscape, by Susan Scafati and Sean Ripple, on Thursday, February 23rd, from 7:00pm-9:00pm. We will have the gallery space to ourselves with libations, and the artists will be in attendance to answer questions about their work.”textscape” is a meditation on …

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