The following groups are part of a coalition supporting search warrant protection for location data, content of email, and content of cloud-hosted documents:
Grits for Breakfast
Texans for Accountable Government
ACLU of Texas

  • A governmental entity may require a provider of wire or electronic communication service or a provider of remote computing service to disclose communications that are not readily accessible to the public only with a search warrant issued based on a showing of probable cause, regardless of the age of the communications, the means or status of their storage or the provider’s access to or use of the communications in its normal business operations.
  • A governmental entity may access, or may require a covered entity to provide, prospectively or retrospectively, location information regarding a mobile communications device only with a warrant issued based on a showing of probable cause.

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  1. APD Body Cam Policy Crafting
    Mateo Clarke : Feb 27 10:00AM -0800

    There is a very important discussion beginning around APD’s implementation
    of body worn cameras. An early pilot program is beginning next month and a
    full launch is targeted for July 1.

    Open Austin has been invited to join the crafting of a “Citizen’s Proposal”
    with the Texas Electronic Privacy Coalition. Attached is an early/rough
    draft of some points that would be included the proposal.

    One important point is the state law

    that currently guides APD’s implementation is that “a person requesting a
    video needs the date and approximate time of the recording, the specific
    location where the recording occurred, and the name of one or more of the
    people on the recording.” A key suggestion from the Citizen Proposal would
    allow the subject of a recording to opt-in to sharing the details of their

    *To sign up to receive updates or participate in a working group, please
    add you name and email to this Google Form:*

    * *

    Our next Open Gov & Civic Tech Meetup on March 21 will focus on the issue
    of Body Worn Cameras:

    For more information from APD on their
    Texas State Bill 158 on the implementation of Body Worn Camera

    Mateo Clarke
    Brigade Captain & Chair, Open Austin

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