Texas Government 2.0 Camp (TXGov20Camp)

EFF-Austin, working with the LBJ School of Public Affairs in Austin, is helping organize the Texas Government 2.0 Camp on January 28-29 at the Austin Community College Eastview Campus. You can see more about the event here: http://txgov20.org/

“The Texas Government 2.0 Camp will bring together leading thinkers from all levels of government, academia, media and industry to explore the best ways to make Open Government work for everyone. They will share initiatives already in progress and collaborate on how to leverage social media tools and Web 2.0 technologies to create a more collaborative, efficient and effective government. Though the possibilities seem endless, resources are often in short supply and by harnessing the power of new technologies governments do more than ever before.”

Join us! You can register here.

Gary Chapman, 1952-2010

Gary Chapman
Gary Chapman

… it’s because of people like Chapman and his colleagues, of whom there were not many, that we have a conceptual framework for talking about things like electronic privacy, or the digital divide, or “virtual community.” ~ Mike Clark-Madison, Gary Chapman: 21st Century Digital Man

“He was brilliant and humble. He was the smartest guy in the room but acted like he was just like everyone else.” ~ Jack Nokes, quoted in the Austin American-Statesman

Reposted from TXGov20.org. Gary and his LBJ School class were organizing the event along with EFF-Austin.

Wikileaks: EFF’s position and information

EFF’s Kevin Bankston has written an overview of the Wikileaks fracas, with relevant links. National EFF’s position: “…we agree with other legal commentators who have warned that a prosecution of Assange, much less of other readers or publishers of the cables, would face serious First Amendment hurdles and would be ‘extremely dangerous’ to free speech rights. Along with our friends at the ACLU, ‘We’re deeply skeptical that prosecuting WikiLeaks would be constitutional, or a good idea.'”

The EFF-Austin Board hasn’t discussed the issue well enough to take a position, but we’ll be meeting next week. We’re thinking to convene a public forum on Wikileaks soon.