May Meetup: Archiving the Electronic Frontier

For our May meetup, we have invited two Digital Archivists from the University of Texas to lead a discussion on a vast and unique challenge — preserving the huge, complex, and rapidly growing volume of information that our modern culture produces.

Video Now Available

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April Meetup: Law Enforcement Body Cameras

For our April meetup, we invited APD Commander Ely Reyes, activist Debbie Russell, and community organizer Andrew Bucknall to lead a discussion on the push for law enforcement officers to wear body cameras, examining the implications for civil liberties, privacy, public safety, and police accountability.

Video Now Available

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March Meetup: #EFFsalon at SXSW

For our March meetup, in collaboration with EFF we hosted a “Salon” event during the SXSW festival. Speakers included NSA Whistleblower William Binney, writer Bruce Sterling, and many other advocates for civil liberties on the electronic frontier.

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