Rick Whitt on Google-Verizon

David Weinberger interviewed Rick Whitt, a Google lawyer and lobbyist, about the proposed Google-Verizon framework. The original post is here.

Two Austin projects want to be a catalyst for the commons

Creative Commons recently offered catalyst grants to help spur awareness and use of Creative Commons.

Two grants have been proposed from Austin, one studying the music scene and one promoting the literature scene.

You can support either of the projects in the dicusssion part of the page describing the full project.

Mapping Austin’s Music Ecosystem

The following proposes the examination of Creative Commons (CC) licensing and its adoption among musicians in the Austin area, often called the live music capital of the world. The study attempts to answer the following question: What considerations determine whether musicians adopt CC licenses for their work? While there are a handful of related works and case studies that bring to light, “how many use CC licenses”, there remains a considerable gap in volume and quality of content. We propose to expand the research and to examine the local music ecosystem in-depth

Full Description and Discussion

Common Quill

This project would produce a web site hosting CC and public domain fiction allowing derivative works. Inpiduals will be able to borrow a character, place, creature, thing or theme from a story and create a derivative work. You will also be able to view the creative DNA of a work, much like CC Mixter, by seeing where a character or work originated and who has remixed it.

Full Description and Discussion

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WhuffieFest: Cory Doctorow in Austin

Cory Doctorow at a 2002 EFF-Austin Talk
Cory Doctorow at a 2002 EFF-Austin-sponsored talk

EFF-Austin presents WhuffieFest, an evening and encounter with Cory Doctorow.

(Why do we call it WhuffieFest? Check here.)

When: May 20th, 2010, 7pm-midnight
Where: Amelia’s RetroVogue and Relics, 2213 South 1st Street, Austin
Cost: $10 donation to EFF-Austin, a Texas nonprofit

(Why do we call it Whuffiefest? Check here.)

You all know Cory from his science fiction novels, his prolific and wonderful blog posts at bOING bOING, his website at http://craphound.com, and his articles on many subjects for diverse publications. In a past life, Cory was also online activist for the national EFF and former member of the EFF-Austin Board of Directors.

Cory’s in Austin May 20th to sign copies of his latest young adult novel, For the Win, at Book People. In keeping with “support local” ethos, he’s agreed to hang out with and speak to local geeks and makers afterward at the Austin Independent Business Alliance’s South First Biz District anchor store, Amelia’s RetroVogue and Relics, 2213 South 1st Street in the 78704. WhuffieFest is presented by EFF-Austin and Plutopia Productions. Beer provided, also delicious food from Somnio’s Cafe, and coffee and tea from Fair Bean. We’ll also have networking, riotous fun, and music and visuals by Dr. Strangevibe. As this is a fundraiser for EFF-Austin, we are asking for a suggested donation of at least $10. 7pm – Midnight. We’re asking for at least $10 to cover costs and to fill EFF-Austin’s coffers – more gratefully accepted so we can bring you more great events.

Note that Cory will be at Book People from 7pm-9pm, then will be coming to Amelia’s, where Whuffiefest will already be in full swing.

About EFF-Austin

EFF-Austin advocates establishment and protection of digital rights and defense of the wealth of digital information, innovation, and technology. We promote the right of all citizens to communicate and share information without unreasonable constraint. We also advocate the fundamental right to explore, tinker, create, and innovate along the frontier of emerging technologies.

We are an independent nonprofit civil liberties organization concerned with emerging frontiers where technology meets society. We are a group of visionary technologists, legal professionals, academics, political activists and concerned citizens who work to protect digital rights and educate the public about emerging technologies and their implications.

About Amelia’s Retro-Vogue & Relics

Amelia’s Retro-Vogue & Relics focuses on items and clothing dating from the mid-1800’s to the mid-1900’s. Well organized, well lit, and well edited, Amelia’s enjoys an international reputation for the quality of it’s stock. Long used as a resource by designers with the film, theater and fashion industries, the shop has housewares, clothing and accessories that span America’s history. Whether you are looking for examples of the flamboyance of the 1890’s, the incredible details of the early 1900’s, the amazing fabrics of the 20’s, the simplicity of the dust bowl era, the glamour and strength of the 40’s, the exuberance of the 50’s or the energy and optimism of the early 60’s, Amelia’s will have something to intrigue and delight you.

Located in the heart of the South First ABIA I-Biz District, Amelia’s Retro-Vogue & Relics is a must for anyone who appreciates the best in vintage clothing and accessories.

About Somnio’s Cafe

Somnio’s Cafe is a seasonal and local, farm supplied restaurant that also adopts an environmental friendly business practice. We use an eclectic style to showcase sustainable food in fresh and healthy dishes. We are vegetarian friendly while simultaneously serving humanely treated (or non-tortured), locally produced meats. We strive to support other local independent businesses in a community based approach to eating out.