A Roundtable on Fake News and Social Media

EFF-Austin is co-hosting with UT Law a round-table on Fake News and Social Media.

Come participate in the hottest topic in technology and the law, brought by JOLTT, hosted by COLTT: Fake News and Social Media.

Our guests will include:

Ross Ramsey, Co-Founder and Executive Editor of the Texas Tribune. A traditional media perspective on the issues relating to fake news.

Warren Hanes, “Godfather of Intellectual Property” at Facebook from 2007 – 2013. An insider with the social media giant most caught up in the fake news phenomenon.

Ryan Garcia, Managing Legal Director (Social Media, Retail, Gaming, Consumer Contract Management) at Dell and Law and Social Media Professor at UT Law. An expert in social media law with the legal academic perspective on the issue.

Open to the public.

Location Details: UT School of Law is located off of Dean Keeton St & Robert Deadman Dr. The meeting will be held in Townes Hall (TNH) Room 2.138 which is on the Ground Floor near the North Patio and Courtyard.

State Sponsored Censorship At Standing Rock

It’s Cracked, so take it with a grain of salt until others confirm, but there appears to a massive law enforcement censorship effort going on at Standing Rock. TL:DR – law enforcement agencies from multiple states are using planes and drones equipped with Stingrays to disrupt the ability of cell phones at Standing Rock to connect to the internet. They’re coupling this with DDoS attacks aimed at the camp’s secure wifi hotspots along with their own honeypot unsecured wifi hotspots designed to hack protesters’ devices and accounts. This is censorship on the level of Egypt trying to shut down the internet during the Arab Spring.


The surveillance state is coming.

This is why a surveillance state can’t be allowed to exist, it only works if the people running it are benevolent.

A madman has been given the keys to the surveillance state